blooms paint the streets

The wind is whipping by our house, straining the remaining trees in our yard.
close-up of green oak leaves with sky in behind by Ira Mint on UnsplashPhoto by Ira Mint on Unsplash

Two have fallen this year—a giant oak and an evergreen. Luckily only our fence has taken the hit. Both times. Same fence. Poor thing.

I actually love the wind though, I always have. There’s something of magic in it, like something could hitch a ride and blow into town.

deep pink blooms fallen on the road. Photo by K V on UnsplashPhoto by KV on Unsplash

As I drive home, I notice the streets: They look painted with wide stripes of yellow, deep pink, and white—blooms blown from their springtime branches. It took me a second to realize what I was looking at—at first I thought it was kids gone wild with chalk. But no, fallen blooms coloring the streets everywhere.

Every year I’m amazed by spring. It’s all just bursting and I LOVE IT! The potential. The newness. The blooms! I especially love the flowers. Other than a fudgy brownie and a rom-com, there may be nothing else that can transform my mood quite like a beautiful bouquet, like this one created by Ingrid Carozzi

Photo of floral centerpiece by Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can StudiosPhoto by Tin Can Studios

I’ve already dropped hints (emailed links...we're past subtleties) to my husband for Mother’s Day ideas. It may be no surprise that I included a link to our flower arranging class with Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios. She’s written three books (one to come out this spring), has been featured in Vogue, does flowers for Burberry, Kate Spade, Anna Wintour, John Legend, Martha Stewart and the Queen of Sweden! The list goes on.

Tablescape with floral centerpieces and dinner places set. Flowers and design by Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios.Photo by Tin Can Studios

If it's not obvious, I'll state it now: I have a flower crush on this floral phenom as her work is stunning and beyond that, she’s just a fabulous human. 

These are the actual flower varieties that will be shipped to your door for the Mother's Day Bloom Box: peonies, cappuccino ranunculus, amnesia roses, white delphinium, pistachio foliage, lavender double tulips, mauve astrantia. SO, if hubby does not buy the flowers and class for me, I’m gifting it to myself! A beautiful box of 60 stems shows up on my door? Yes please. I’ll pretend the wind blew it here just for me.

Candles and dinner plates set beautifully amongst several floral arrangements designed by Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios.Photo by Tin Can Studios

To all the moms, a couple of weeks early: I honor all that you do in all aspects of your life. And believe it when I say, I will write again about our Day, because we deserve at least a few weeks worth of days. You know what I mean.

And to all the non-moms out there—I honor you too. I’m feeling all sorts of springtime love for everyone.

Until next week, keep cozy and order your Mother's Day flowers today—Sandra

(Cover Photo by KV on Unsplash)
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