craving ease to rain down

It’s raining. A cold, steady rain—the kind that leads to cozying up on the couch with a second cuppa tea.  
Two white mugs of tea, a black kettle pouring more into the mug to the right, sitting atop a wood table with a pile of wood in the upper left. photo by Harry Cunningham on UnsplashPhoto by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

Mostly I’m happy for it. We just seeded our yard and it’s a perfect excuse to binge my latest: every Saturday Night Live bit I can find. I’m craving the laughs.

 Between bouts of laughter, I look out my window. Bits of grass poke out here and there—it’s nearly to the point where there’s as much grass as there is mud pit. Nearly.

Close-up photo of grass, centered is a single blade in focus with three rain drops on it. Taken by Phillip Lublasser
Photo by Phillip Lublasser on Unsplash

 Before the rain started this morning, the birds were out in force. A group of 12 turkey vultures live in the trees next door, a pair of striking red birds flew into our maple tree carrying curly twigs in their beaks, and I can hear the hoots of the great horned owl nearby.

A close-up of the right side of a great-horned owl—brown, black with golden eyes and a small triangular white patch beneath its beak, head turned to the left, we see its right side with a large tree blurred in the background. Photo by Caroline EbingerPhoto by Caroline Ebinger on Unsplash

Signs of spring all around—including an increasing urge I have to eat outside, that is, once the rain dries up. It may be my Canadian upbringing, the second it warms, even slightly, I’m ready for outdoor dining. And I must say, I’m especially hopeful that this spring brings time together with my friends and family. I miss them. I’m already imagining the meals together.

 Beautiful spread of cheese, fruit on a linen tablecloth something you'd see sold at the hōm market. photo by Kate HliznitsovaPhoto by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

I see it now: grilling, kids playing in the (not so muddy) yard, rosé, friends, family, table set just so with a gorgeously simple linen tablecloth, our signature terracotta and white oxide dishes by Jinks and Grey, with il Buco Vita glasses. (All of which will soon be available to buy at the hōm market, when we open our doors in Hastings on Hudson, NY.)

 white and terracotta hand-thrown ceramics by Jinks and Grey for the hōm marketthe hōm market's signature dining set by Jinks & Grey

Simple. Elegant. Easy. That’s what I crave most: ease. Just to be together without worry. To gather. I tear up at the imagining of it, that gathering together is more a hope than a given these days. Something the pandemic has given us that I hope we remember to hold onto, is that nothing should be taken for granted. Not even the simplicity of our togetherness. It’s all sacred time that we hope to share again, soon. 

Until then, stay cozy at hōm—Sandra

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