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I'd never thought about my home as a vision board—but it is: every object says something, contains a story, exudes an energy that can be felt. I feel it. 
Photo by Shop Slo on Unsplash

I've always been very attuned to my surroundings. I feel best when I'm in the woods, surrounded by tall trees, snaking brooks, and that smell of moss that slows and deepens my breath. But if I must be inside, and honestly, I do enjoy a good couch-curl-up too, I need my space to be tidy or my mind just cannot rest. Nevermind my mind, I cannot rest. I swirl around the house like a threatened Tasmanian devil picking-up, putting away, being intermittently yelled at by my family to sit down!!! I snarl and hiss back at them: “I’ll be right there—I've got this one more thing! If you would just….”

Being home this past year, working from home, schooling from home, doing most everything from home these past 14-months—well, it’s only heightened my tidying instincts. Combine this with spring, forget about it. I’m a hot mess. Well, I think I’m fine, but my family disagrees.

Which is why I am beyond thrilled that Feng Shui expert, Tisha Morris—who literally wrote the books on decluttering (which is the step I need to accomplish before my tidying tsunami) is teaching a class next week with us at the hōm market. [There are still a few spots left.]

She'll teach how our energy is linked to our home's energy and how to let go of what doesn't serve us. Oh yes, please! I need to let go of that IKEA toy kitchen that no child has played on for years. Unlock the secret for me please, Tisha!

When Tisha mentioned that our “homes are living vision boards” it actually clicked with me.

I get that we can bring objects into our homes that mean something to us, that they can even be aspirational to a life we want to step into. I know what I need to do, I need to edit, to remove. But there’s a gap between what I know and how to do it.

I’m expecting Tisha will provide the tools for me to get there, because I am ready to attract more of what I want out of life: letting go of unused toys, old magazines and trading them in for more peace, more calm, and much less tidying.

Until next week, consider decluttering as an act of self-care and well-being— Sandra 

[cover photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash]
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