STUDIO hōm launches interior design services

My flour, sugar, and bag of limes sit on my dryer in a kitchen laundry closet that should really be a pantry. We’ve lived here for three years and the sketch of my future kitchen is still fastened to a clipboard above my limes. 

kitchen by STUDIO hōm in Hastings on Hudson | photo by Dane Tashima

The actual work that’s been done on our home: waterproofing. Dry well? Check. Newly dug foundation and drains? Mmm-huh. Roof? Well, yes! Dream kitchen? I really hope it’s next.

My timing might be perfect—

We just launched STUDIO hōm, our full-service interior design firm with two incredibly talented principal designers—and I think a full kitchen, living room, downstairs media room, office, principal bedroom and bath is a perfect project for this crack team:

Alison Lang the architectural interior designer helped us design and build the hōm market. 


With more than 15 years experience, a bachelor's degree in interior design and a master's in architecture, I know she’s got me. When I talk with Ali, I LOVE how she nerds out on the sensible qualities of every element of a design, from materiality to fixtures and finishes. She talks about rational design, making smart choices that make sense and are within my budget. Oooo, yes, tell me more, Ali!!! I know her designs will make my life easier because they're so well thought-through. She takes the time to understand how my family and I use our space, what activities we do, what we need to store in what room, and how it needs to work for how we flow—this feels very different from other experiences I’ve had with architects and designers. There’s a true process to understanding who we are and what we need, as well as understanding our tastes—she’s got that too, so does our other principal designer. 

Barbara Lustbader

Barbara Lustbader, is an interior designer with more than a decade of experience designing spaces around the world. Born in Brazil, this woman oozes style—our jaws drop every time she comes into the shop—heels on, jacket off the shoulder, hair blown-out, I mean, it's almost unreal! Her ability to deliver a balanced, beautifully turned out space is spot on. Also purposeful in her design choices, she believes that great design is timeless and should be crafted with instinct. I couldn’t agree more!

Thanksgiving is next week (which is why there’s an abundance of flour and sugar in my laundry pantry and a bag of limes for Moscow mules—still a favorite in this house). I’ve been thinking a lot about how grateful I am in so many aspects of my life. Specifically how something can come together, how people can find each other who complement one another so perfectly just when you need them, and this past year, I really needed them. 

THE HŌM MARKET's dining room, where I find serenity in its beautiful design!

I feel this way about meeting Britt, one year ago by a ladies bonfire. We talked all night about our dreams of having a shop, our love of fabulous textiles, of great design—and here we are now with a stunningly curated shop by Britt, launching a studio with two other fabulous women we met through our kids, our community, just when we needed them. 

We all bring such different personalities and skills, that overlap perfectly for a common vision, then veer into our individual strengths. I’m blown away by the beautiful, creative work we’re producing—delivered in record time, achieved because we’ve created a warm, approachable space that draws out and supports the best in each other. I’m SO grateful for this and deeply excited about all we’ll create together. 

As a newly formed venture, STUDIO hōm has landed its first client and we cannot wait to share what comes next. It will of course, center our client's life and how she and her family live, because we always design with your life in mind.  

And, naturally we’ll bring our thoughtful, warm and elegant design to each of our projects— signatures of STUDIO hōm, that and a Moscow mule.

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