AS DESIGNERS, WE BELIEVE every object has a story and an essence that radiates into a space and affects our experience.

With intensifying climate change, it is more important than ever to consume less, this includes how we design our homes to the durable goods we bring into them. And so it’s our belief that when something—art, furniture, home goods—are created and a space is designed and decorated, it’s important that every aspect from the materials sourced to the labor in creating it is thoughtful, carefully considered, and fairly compensated. 

When a high-level of care is put into creating and designing, it can be felt. When you step into a space of this intentional quality it’s possible it becomes a favorite space with treasured objects, heirlooms perhaps. How we spend our money as individuals, as businesses, with whom we partner expresses what we value in tangible terms. It’s important to us at hōm to consider this—and we do.