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create your own signature scent—series of 3 classes

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14 Jul 21 19:00 EDT
21 Jul 21 19:00 EDT
07 Jul 21 19:00 EDT

Attract what you want—start with your scent.

Imagine crafting a perfume tailored entirely for you. In this three-part workshop, perfumer Marissa Zappas will guide you in the balanced mixing of creating an entirely personalized perfume—your very own, signature scent.

Learn through hands-on methods, techniques of creating accords, and olfactive language.

This introductory course to perfume requires a separate ~$115 for all the materials you'll need to mix and create (incl. 15 essential oils, 12 key accords, pipettes, mini digital scale, roll-ons, and more. See below for full details).

Dates: July 7, 14, 21 from 7-8 PM EST via zoom

Age: 18+

Cost: $265 includes all three classes. Materials are purchased separately by each student for ~$115. Once registered, students will receive an email with the links to buy the three kits. (See below for details on what fun will be in each kit!). If you have these materials already, that's great too!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited time and an emphasis on personal process, the class will cap at 10 students. Deadline to register is May 20 to ensure there is enough time for each student to order their own kits and receive the necessary materials in time for the workshops.


KIT ONE: 12 - 4 ml. vials of master's key accords diluted to 10%. Accords in set:
Amber, Cologne, Gardenia, Green Leaf, Jasmine, Marine/Ozone, Muguet, Pear, Rose, Vanilla Bean, White Grapefruit, White Musk

1 – Introduction to Perfumery Booklet
1 – 1oz Carrier Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil)
1 – Pack of 100 Scent Strips
3 – 10ml Roll-on Bottles (bottle, roller, cap)
12 – 4ml Glass Droppers
25 – Medium Disposable Pipettes

15 - 4 ml bottles of natural essential oils and absolutes:
Bergamot (Bergaptene Free) Essential Oil (Italy)
Cedarwood (Virginia) Essential Oil
Clary Sage Oil, Russian P&N
Geranium Oil, Egypt P&N
Lavender Maillette, France P&N
Lime Essential Oil (Mexico)
Oakmoss Absolute 10% (Alcohol) (France)
Orange Bitter Essential Oil (Dominican Republic)
Patchouli Essential Oil (Indonesia)
Peru Balsam Oil Rectified P&N (El Salvador)
Rosewood (Bois de Rose) Essential Oil (Brazil)
Tarragon Essential Oil (South America)
Tonka Bean Absolute 50% (Alcohol) (Venezuela)
Vetiver Essential Oil (Indonesia)
Ylang Complete (Nosy Be) Essential Oil
1 oz carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil; is a colorless, scentless fixed oil, produced by fractional distillation)
1 pack of 100 scent strips
25 pack of medium pipettes
6- 5ml roll-on bottles (bottle,roller & cap) for your finished perfumes
15 -extra 4 ml bottles

KIT THREE: mini digital scale

(Photo by Julia Comita)

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