winter feast w Margarit | Jan 20

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Come cook, drink, and eat at this winter feast of hearty winter soup, smoked eggplant on freshly-baked sourdough bread, with a delightful powdered sugar shortbread crescent cookie to take home to bake. 

Margarit Ordukhanyan will demonstrate the technique while we enjoy the food and learn each step of the way the tips and tricks. Together, we will learn how to prepare:

Borsch: a storied soup—believed to originate as a Ukrainian dish, it has evolved in many cultures around the world, adapted in so many delicious ways. This hearty winter favorite warms the body and soul with its combination of tangy-sweet beets, salty cabbage, and melt-in-your mouth chunks of beef ribs, brightened with a dollop of sour cream. Packed with vitamins and vibrant colors, the soup makes for a wonderful entree. Margarit will teach the Armenian recipe from her childhood. 

Smoked eggplant appetizer: The smoky, silky fire-roasted eggplants, slow-cooked with tomatoes for tartness and roasted red peppers for sweetness, make an incredible cold dish that can be an appetizer, a spread (combined with freshly baked bread), or a meal on its own. The dish derives its flavor from fresh ingredients and the touch of open-fire roasting.

Sourdough bread: Freshly-baked bread will arrive for us to eat alongside the smoked eggplant and if time allows, we will learn to form a small loaf of our own. 

Powdered-sugar cookies: Only four ingredients, these delicious cookies take only 22 minutes from start to in-your-mouth! Margarit will bring the dough for you to take home to bake.

Start your year off right with these hearty dishes and great company! 

AGE: 21+

DATE: Jan 20, 2021


COST: $100

WHERE: 14 Spring St. at THE HŌM MARKET's studio-shop in Hastings on Hudson, NY 

TYPE: in-person, proof of vaccination required

Once you purchase the class, please email proof of vaccination to: This is required before attending all in-person classes.

ABOUT the teacher | Margarit Ordukhanyan is a mom, teacher, translator and cook! Originally from Armenia, she blends the Armenian and Russian foods from her childhood with the eclectic flavors of New York. She enjoys nothing more than sharing food with others, which she does as a part-time chef at